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From Jaisalmer you can drive to the small town of Bap and stay at the beautiful Barsingha Villa, a true jewel in the desert. One great experience is to take part in the cooking classes conducted on the hotel rooftop. Authentic Tandoor food (oven-cooked) is prepared every night.

This pretty little property has only 20 rooms, is very spacious and decorated in traditional Rajasthani fabrics (made in Jaipur). All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, free wifi and cable TV. Other features include a video library, sitting rooms and garden. Meals can be served wherever you like.

In winter the roof terrace is warmed with open fires.
From this beautiful private hotel you can experience rural life. There is wildlife in abundance – lakes filled with birdlife, including the rare Demousielle crane in the lake behind the hotel. Take a ride and experience herds of up to 100 wild camels in their natural environment. Local villagers are pleased to show visitors their homes and villages – and will be sure to invite you in for a cup of chai.
The salt lakes of Bap offer another experience of rural life in Rajasthan.

After leaving Bap you can either go north to the state capital of Jaipur, Bikaneer where there is a wonderful palace and in January a camel fair.

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