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If you’re flying into India from outside the country we recommend that your first stop should be Delhi as it is from here you can get your best perspective and understand of the nature of modern India. Delhi is where the British left their indelible mark on the country. We won’t give you a history or geography lesson here; you can get that information by Googling Delhi, however just a

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If you are in Rajasthan in November do not miss the Camel Fair, its one of India’s great events. Held during a carnival that is actually a pilgrimage for devout Hindus, the camel fair is an attraction all on its own.


Agra. The reason up to 50,000 visitors a day are drawn to the Taj Mahal, is because it is worth seeing! It is truly one of the greatest and most beautiful architectural achievements in the world. You could be lucky and go on a quiet day when there are only 10,000 tourists, but don’t be put off by the crowds the experience is worth it! Take a tour with audio,

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