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This incorporates our dedicated travel service, which draws on our long experiences in India. We have personally visited, befriended and tested the accommodation, guides, restaurants and places of interest.

We can custom design an itinerary that suits your interests, circumstances, priorities and group size, in the cities and regions you want to visit.

Below is an example of an itinerary. We will be posting other examples in the future.

We recommend you read this and see how much detail and knowledge our organisation has to offer.

Dear Friend,

I have had confirmation on the availability of the following accommodation. If you can advise me of your choices I will forward your details to them, and go ahead and pay the necessary deposits.

You will need to book your flights around the dates arranged asap.

I have given you two choices in each city and I consider these

to be the best for interest, food, comfort and location. You can be assured you will receive wonderful service from these people as I know them all personally. I have negotiated some great upgrades and preferential rooms (away from kitchens, deliveries and traffic that could wake you at

Arrive Delhi ….

Stay day 1s, day 2th and day 3 in Imperial Hotel or Colaba house.

These hotel are two of my favourites and are at different ends of accommodation scale.

In Delhi it is very difficult to find comfort in small hotels but the Imperial is wonderful. It has the original art collection of many historical events and is in an excellent location. We get very good rates here and the food is superb.


Colaba is a small guesthouse (only 6 rooms) run by friends of mine (French). Very comfortable rooms and great service.

3 days in Delhi is a great time and I have the best guide for both restaurants, food , spice markets and any historical sights, She will get you into places you cannot normally go.


AGRA. 2 nights

Drive Delhi to Agra for two nights,

Whilst Agra is not the most beautiful place, it does have the TAJ MAHAL  and two other fabulous places to see.

You have choice of Oberoi Aman Villas or Trident.

Obviously the Oberois offers luxury, but the Trident is very good.


JAIPUR. 4 dates

Drive Agra to Jaipur for 4 nights,

I would recommend the Samode Havelli.

It is the most wonderful old Haveli (Grand old home) full of character, charm, great food and beautiful rooms.

We get great upgrades here.


PUSHKAR. 3 dates

You only need two days here (three nights) and would recommend the Pushkar Palace Hotel, (anything but a palace!) but the location is right on the Lake. If you want more low-key accommodation, 7th Heaven is a small guesthouse run by a great guy. I recommend both.



Only 1 night, but this beautiful tented hotel on a reservoir has superb food and hospitality and makes a great stopover between Pushkar and Jodhpur.


JODHPUR. 3 dates

4 nights in Jodhpur at RAAS Havelli.

The other is Pal Havelli.

I would really push you towards RAAS as it is superb and in the heart of the old city. I will get you special rooms facing the fort.

JAISELMER. 2 dates

Staying at Killa Bhawan.

This small boutique hotel is fabulous and in the heart of the old fort.

I recommend spending a couple of days roaming this wonderful town inside the fort.



ROHET. 1 date

This is a drive back from Jaiselmer.

1 night only, but absolutely gorgeous.


NARLAI. 2 dates

This is a superb small property owned by the Maharaja of Jodhpur. It is cute accommodation, run by local people, in a beautiful town that gives a wonderful idea of real village life.


UDAIPUR. 4 dates

Located on Lake Pichola, there are two superb choices, Jugart Niwas ) an old Havelli beside the lake) and Lake Palace is the Taj Hotel in the middle of the lake.

I will provide you with a daily schedule with a lkist of recommended wholesalers, restaurants and places to see.

Your driver Ali will act as your guide, but I also have specialty guides in each city if you need them.


I will have a local representative meet you at each stop and I shall provide all phone numbers, names and contacts.


If you have special interests (Photography, interior design, history etc) I will ensure you have a list of special interest stores, sites and experts.

I have chosen an excellent driver for you. He speaks English, has beautiful manners and extensive contacts. He is especially aware of the need for hygiene and will guide you in this direction as this is important in India) I will send you my list of does and don’ts and you can read them on this website (

All of the recommended properties are known by me personally and most of the owners are friends of mine, so security, hygiene and safety will not be an issue.

Please let me know if these dates suit you, and choose the accommodation you prefer and I shall proceed with full costings including cars, takes, hotel rates, fuel costs and guides.

On the completion of the booking I shall forward you your vouchers, information on each city and a recommended daily itineraries (with alternatives).

I shall also organize you first few days in Delhi as it is quite important to do things in the recommended order.

I have organized your itinerary around dates that ensure that certain places and activities are open (eg The Taj Mahal is closed to non-Muslims on Fridays, and each city has certain things on certain days.

There are a couple of long car journeys involved and I insist on comfortable, air-conditioned cars with cold water, towels and pillows. Your driver will be with you every day and will act as your guide. He will take his time off when you don’t need him, but will always be on call.

I trust this schedule meets your approval. If not please contact me with your changes. Also advise me of special areas of interest.

I recommend reading the content of this web site for further information.

Kindest regards,



Luxe Travel Wallahs

PS If you send me the details of others going on the trip with you I shall include them in future emails.

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