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If you are in Rajasthan in November do not miss the Camel Fair, its one of India’s great events. Held during a carnival that is actually a pilgrimage for devout Hindus, the camel fair is an attraction all on its own.

Respect local traditions: photography of holy men is forbidden and photography of camels is restricted to those gathered in camps a few kilometres out of town. The camps are easy and fun to get to on a camel cart.
The Mele (fair ground) holds fascinating events on an hourly basis each day, including the world famous mustache competition for the longest and most ornate facial hair.
The fair is strictly vegetarian, however for those who enjoy a tipple, you can take your own alcohol.
There are plenty of guest houses and 5 star hotels out of town, however, the Pushkar Palace Hotel on the lake is fairly basic but worth it for the spectacle of the last night of the fair week: a full moon, when hundreds of thousands of people come into town. The singing and chanting goes on all night. But be warned: the following day it is impossible to move, so plan for delays if you need to get anywhere.
Another the other guest house worth staying in is Inn Seventh Heaven, a century old Haveli (private mansion) that has been restored and converted into a small hotel. Inn Seventh Heaven is run by the very hospitable Anoop, who will bend over backwards to help. The only drawback is that it is not on the lake.

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