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Itinerary For Rajasthan – 2016 14 Nights Three nights – Delhi Staying – Imperial Hotel Activities – Sightseeing Exploring old city Spice markets Best restaurants Drive to Agra Overnight in Agra, Amar Villas Oberoi, with magnificent views of Taj Mahal Visit morning or evening Three nights – Jaipur Staying – Samode Haveli – beautiful old Haveli* in the old city. Activities – Best shopping at wholesale markets – Johari Bazaar

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Luxe Travel Wallahs This incorporates our dedicated travel service, which draws on our long experiences in India. We have personally visited, befriended and tested the accommodation, guides, restaurants and places of interest. We can custom design an itinerary that suits your interests, circumstances, priorities and group size, in the cities and regions you want to visit. Below is an example of an itinerary. We will be posting other examples in

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If you’re flying into India from outside the country we recommend that your first stop should be Delhi as it is from here you can get your best perspective and understand of the nature of modern India. Delhi is where the British left their indelible mark on the country. We won’t give you a history or geography lesson here; you can get that information by Googling Delhi, however just a

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Everyone wants to visit Varanasi! It’s the oldest continuously lived-in city in the world. The Ganges is a filthy river and the town of Varanasi is like a rubbish tip. This is the dirtiest city we have seen in India, but it gives a perspective of how Hindus (and Indians in general) accept death and dying, as this is the funeral capital. The city is famous for the many Hindus

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The reason up to 50,000 visitors a day are drawn to the Taj Mahal, is because it is worth seeing! It is truly one of the greatest and most beautiful architectural achievements in the world. You could be lucky and go on a quiet day when there are only 10,000 tourists, but don’t be put off by the crowds the experience is worth it! Take a tour with audio, which

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The pink city and capital of Rajasthan, is the busiest and fastest growing city in Rajasthan and a visit needs careful planning to get the most from it. Rickshaw Wallah’s are the acknowledged leaders in unearthing the treasures of Rajasthan.


If you are in Rajasthan in November do not miss the Camel Fair, its one of India’s great events. Held during a carnival that is actually a pilgrimage for devout Hindus, the camel fair is an attraction all on its own.

Chattra Sagar

Chattra Sagar. Is spectacular tented accommodation run by Harsh and his family. It is situated in a beautiful fertile valley on a reservoir about midway between Jodpur (120kms away) and Pushkar. This is a fabulous stopover for one or two nights. The food is excellent.


The blue city on the edge of the Rajasthan desert is home to the amazing Meharangarh Fort, one of the seven wonders of India. The Fort stands four hundred feet above the sky line of Jodhpur, is made from burnished red sand stone and it is imposing, invincible and spectacular. We advise that you stay in the old city. Although this may seem difficult on arrival, it is definitely worth

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From Jaisalmer you can drive to the small town of Bap and stay at the beautiful Barsingha Villa, a true jewel in the desert. One great experience is to take part in the cooking classes conducted on the hotel rooftop. Authentic Tandoor food (oven-cooked) is prepared every night.

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